short version (5:36)
Produced for: PRI/WNYC’s Studio 360
Airdate: February 9, 2002
long version (20:38)
Produced for: Radio Eye, ABC Radio National, Australia
Airdate: January 6, 2002

Get Your Wig On is my first audio documentary, which I wrote and produced in 2001 to enter in the Third Coast International Audio Festival (

It deals with an artist’s idea about how one constant, in this case, a huge brown curly wig, can be interpreted and visually expressed by an assortment of strangers.

The piece was aired in its longer form on Radio Eye on Australia’s ABC Radio National. I then edited it down to to a shorter version for air on PRI/WNYC’s Studio 360 (, where it aired February 9, 2002 and again on August 3, 2002 as a show closer to, “Opium, Rave, Styron.”

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